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Concrete floors are made of cement, water, rock, sand, and gravel mixed. Concrete floors are either on the ground or are suspended. Ground concrete floors are slabs directly on the construction. Suspended concrete floors are typically supported by walls, columns, or beams. There are several types of concrete floors and they are great for several reasons.

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Types of Concrete Floors

There are several types of concrete floors. Some of them are:

Precast concrete floors

Precast concrete floors are made in the factory and are better compare to those made on the site. Their components are more accurate and are better mixed. Precast concrete floors are time-saving and energy-conserving. This is because they require less labour to get ready and the site work is lesser. In terms of resources and financial involvement, these factory-made concrete floors require fewer expenses. This is because the number of site workers to be paid is reduced. Also, the number of materials and leftovers wasted are lesser.

In-situ concrete floors

Unlike the precast concrete floors, in-situ concrete floors are made on site. The concrete is mixed, poured, and left to become strong. They are left to develop strength for some time. One type of in-situ concrete floor is that which is made with the enforcement acting one way. This type is cheaper if the floor space is limited. Another type is that which is made with the enforcement spanning both ways.  Other types of concrete floor s include flat plate floor, waffle slabs, pre-tensioned planks, etc.

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Advantages of concrete floors Reno NV

Concrete floors have been a popular option for several reasons. Here are some reasons why a concrete floor is a smart option:


Concrete floors are fire-resistant. The possibility of a fire outbreak cannot be entirely ruled out even in situations of extreme precaution. When there is a fire outbreak, it is helpful to know that your floor can stand its ground.


Concrete floors are durable. If the concrete floor is well made and the components are used in the right proportion, they constitute an impressive level of strength. Concrete floors can handle almost any kind of weight without falling apart. With the combination of cement, sand, and gravel, including other components, concrete floors are made to last for a long time.

One factor that contributes to the durability of a concrete floor is the workmanship. In addition to quality materials mixed in the right proportion, good workmanship is essential for the best concrete floor delivery.

Easy to maintain

Concrete floors do not require much in terms of maintenance. The components of concrete floors prepare them for extreme situations. They last for long and do not deteriorate quickly, compared to other materials. Concrete floors are meant to stay put for long. With the right maintenance, they can last for a very long time.

Concrete floors are one of the best choices you can make. They are of different types and are highly recommended. Among other advantages, they are durable and easy to maintain.

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