Concrete Countertops

One aspect of the kitchen that everyone desires is the countertops. Countertops are essential for easy meal preparation. If it is cleared enough, your partner often sits on it while keeping you company as you work. 

You can also have countertops in your bathroom, bar, etc. When it comes to getting a countertop, you have a wide range of options to explore.


Concrete countertop

A concrete countertop is one of the best kinds of countertops you can have. Concrete countertops are great options for several reasons including:


Concrete countertops are durable. Being that they are made with concrete, they are likely to handle a lot of tasks without falling apart. Cement countertops are usually durable.


One advantage of having concrete countertops is that you can customize them to suit your preferences. You can stain them to enhance their beauty. Whatever color you want is possible. You can retain the color of the concrete or dye it to whatever color you want.

Some people prefer black concrete countertops because they will hide stains. The choice is yours to make. Even if you want a white concrete countertop, you can have it. Polished concrete countertops are also a great choice.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining concrete countertops is not difficult. With the right cleaner and a constant cleaning routine, you are good. 


Concrete countertops’ cost depends on whether you hire a professional or you go the DIY way. If measured by square foot, you might spend between $65 & 135. Most homeowners spend between &5,000 & 10,000 getting a concrete countertop. Considering that maintenance is easy and it is durable, the price is relatively fair.

How to care for countertops

Your concrete kitchen countertops will serve you longer and better if you care for them properly. With time they will need to fix them but they can serve you longer before you need to. One way to care for your countertop is to avoid using it directly if you can. For instance, you should use a chopping board rather than cutting directly on the countertops. This will help to reduce stains.

Talking of stains, you should clean up immediately after use to avoid stains. If you make a mess, tidy it up instantly. Also, you should clean the countertops with mild cleaners. Abrasive scrubbers will not make the countertop any better.

Why Choose BM Concrete

Aside from the durability of the concrete countertop, how it is done determines how long it will last. If you choose to hire a professional, we are a great choice.

We are professionals in the field. We have a team that is ready to make your countertop to your specs, however unique they may be.

Our charges are fair. We are transparent and honest in our dealings. We offer the right advice you need to get the best out of your project.


A concrete countertop is one of the best choices you can make. With a professional like us, you can whatever concrete countertop you desire.


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